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Fashionably Early

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Wanna Be is a more energetic indie pop track that has a real simple structure but a very sticky chorus. This is very up the lane of the Dominic Fike‘s of the world sonically and definitely feels like a playlist staple to close out 2020. Keep an eye on Shawn for his next few drops after this one.

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Banger Of The Day 

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His latest single “Wanna Be” will have you in a musical trance. Being able to create melodic tunes while also laying down rap verses is like having a dual-threat QB that can run and throw. He is fully in control of his musical future and we are sure he will continue to grow at an amazing rate. The best thing you can do is check out his latest single before he blows up!

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Early Rising 

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“Wanna Be” features relatable lyrics and a ridiculously easygoing, laidback vibe. Slightly reminiscent of Dominic Fike, "Wanna Be" has me hooked. As a sort of "Pick Me" plea with lyrics like "I just wanna be the one that you love / I just wanna be yours," I would pick this song over and over. At just 2 minutes and 8 seconds, listeners will wish this song went on for a  lifetime.

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Shawn Mathews has released a handful of really impressive songs over the last year or so, and this is the latest. Wanna Be will remind you immediately of Dominic Fike's more alt-rock songs such as Westcoast Collective. This song is a great example of the genreless future predicted for pop music.


Eclectic Ear Candy

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The upbeat instrumental immediately caught my attention in this song. A steady drum set percussion paired with a groovy bass guitar vibe makes my head bob. 

Tight harmonies shine in the bridge, which is always appreciated. Shawn may not be a well known artist, but he’s got incredible potential to be a household name. Check out his music for more groovy tunes.

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Little Dose Of Indie 

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Finessed with a DIY production style, and taking inspiration from the likes of Dominic Fike, Omar Apollo and Clairo; ‘Wanna Be’ fuses RnB with bedroom pop, bringing addictive chorus hooks into raw, guitar-based instrumentals.



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Overall, Mathews is spot on with the formula and for that we award him the prestigious: “Worthwhile Song to Get Stuck in Your Head” of 2020. 

Listen for this moment: 0:22 the fantastic switch up from a muffled sound to the clean, crisp deliciously produced sound.



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A blend of indie and bedroom pop, with subtle hints of RnB. The sound in Wanna Be feels warm and engaging with a sense of youthful naiveté. If you liked the track then you’ll also enjoy debut EP ‘Blue’ here.



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His sound in Bored fits somewhere between The 1975 and Dominic Fike with his production having an array of shimmering synths and bombastic beats that compliment the smooth yet undeniably raw vocals he delivers with style throughout the entirety of the track. He also shows a strong maturity through his evocative lyricisms that have an air of Jon Bellion about them with the poetic and earnest storytelling they have to them

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Acid Stag

Music Blog

We love discovering new artists, and we do come across so many talented songwriters, producers & musicians every day, so to help us showcase and support some of these fine upcoming talents we have our NEWCOMER series.

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The Burning Ear

Music Blog

Known as the music blog for people who don't have time for a music blog, The Burning Ear features an eclectic mix of music from around the world. Shawn's singles "Wanna Be" and "Down Bad" were both featured on The Burning Ear.

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Global World

Music Blog

Shawn Mathews has a record that sounds like it went meant to hit the masses on his new song “Higher”. The production sets the perfect tone, with the music having the perfect blend of Pop and Soul, to make it unforgettable. The vocals are perfect for the sound by both Shawn and KYE, on this sure hit, that clicks in every way.

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