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Shawn Mathews is a young alternative musician blending cross-genre elements to channel a distinctive sound, fusing pop, indie, and R&B to create his own unique sound. With a Bachelors in Music as his background, Shawn has a solid understanding of music concepts and powers his music with strong basslines, memorable guitar riffs, innovative instrumentals, and vibrant synths. He's never shy to experiment and this makes Shawn’s music is as chameleonic as the elements influencing him to create.  Born and based in Pennsylvania, the young artist first emerged in 2019 with singles such as Bad Habit and Emotional later signing with his college’s label, VALE, in 2020, for the release of his debut EP, Blue. Towards the end of 2020, Mathews released two singles, Wanna Be and Next To Me landing him articles and placements from sources such as Lyrical Lemonade, Fashionably Early, A1234, Qore Music and more.  At the beginning of 2021, Mathews released his first single of the year, Sunshine The single was featured on several Spotify Editorial Playlists such as Good Vibes, young & free, Study Break, Fresh Finds: Pop, Fresh Finds, and Jasmine and has over  2000000+ streams to date just on Spotify alone. Earmilk called Sunshine a sun-kissed anthem and an all-year-round bop with its elevating qualities.​His next single Honest is an instant hit with fans of his music and has been featured on the Varsity Bars and Young and Free Spotify editorial playlists within less than a week of its release.​


May 2021

Single - Honest

Featured on Spotify's Fresh Finds and Varsity Bars playlists, Honest is a fun romantic track filled with layers on layers of sweet textures and harmonies. Groovy bass lines and luscious guitars are just a glimpse of what Mathews has to offer in “Honest.” 


February, 2021

Single - Sunshine

Featured on Spotify's Fresh Finds, Good Vibes and Young and Free playlists, Sunshine is an upbeat guitar-driven song about better, happier, and sunnier days after feelings of hopelessness. Shawn's first release of 2021, the song is lyrically and sonically filled with sunshine with positivity. 

Next To Me Cover Art.PNG

December 2020

Single - Next To Me

Next to me is a romantic song about longing to have that special someone physically right next to you. The song has the bedroom/indie pop/rock type of feel similar to Dominic Fike, Omar Apollo, and The Wallows. Highlights include a catchy chorus, solid hook, and an old record store vibe.

Wanna Be cover.jpg

October 16, 2020

Single - Wanna Be

Wanna Be is a romantic song about wanting to be with someone you love. Wanna Be includes an earworm chorus with earnest vocals. Shared on most blogs as one of the playlist favorites to close out 2020, Wanna Be is sure to become your on repeat track.

Bored Shawn Mathews.jpg

August 2020

Single - Bored

Bored was written and recorded by Shawn during the pandemic and echoes the feeling of boredom that all of us felt during that point in time when our lives came to a standstill. It also echoes those days when we are just bored stuck in our rooms, not angry, not sad, just bored!


April 28, 2020

EP - Blue

Shawn's debut EP Blue is a collection of six songs ranging from pop to lofi hiphop. The album represents the shades of feeling blue and heartbroken. The EP was released as a part of VALE records, a college record label from Pennsylvania,

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