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Indie Pop Anthem 'Miss Ya!' - A Heartfelt Ode to Love and Longing

Harrisburg, PA - Back with another addictive indie pop anthem, independent artist, Shawn Mathews presents, “miss ya!”, his second release of 2024. In this groovy sentimental track, the 24 year old gives listeners a peek into the long distance phase of his relationship with long time sweetheart Anabella.

“miss ya!” opens with Mathews’s falsetto vocals crooning about how he hates the physical distance

between him and his partner on top of groovy guitar chords, a groovier bassline, and drums to match

which will make you want to get up and dance along. On the first verse, Mathews gives us a pop rap

verse reminiscent of what you would hear on a Dominic Fike or Omar Apollo song. Meanwhile on the

bridge, the song switches up to a dreamy synth soundscape with a hint of hyperpop, as Mathews gives us

some breezy lyrics about being on the road during his tour. Each chorus builds in energy giving

you a main element that is always different from the previous chorus and leaves you wanting more when

the song concludes.

I’ve been on the road touring since September as part of the Mean Girl Musical National Tour.

As a result of this new job, this is the longest period of time in our relationship for which my partner and I

have been apart from each other. This song manifested as a result of me just missing my love and

wanting to write about it. I wrote, recorded, and worked on it over the last 2 months in hotel rooms across

the country. I even worked on it on the bus we take to go city to city, which is why those lyrics exist in the

bridge of the song. I’ve actually been working on a ton of songs in these hotel rooms and on bus rides

and I’m looking forward to sharing more of these songs in the coming months.

collage of photos from Shawn Mathews Music traveling across the country for mean girls
Shawn Mathews : Miss Ya (Alternative) Album Cover

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